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We are a passionate team of travel enthusiasts dedicated to providing exceptional safari and tour experiences in Africa’s most captivating destinations.

“Our Founder’s Story”

There are number of great reasons to travel with Kojuu Safaris Africa but they all seem to back to one thing: People who make it all happen and provide you with lifetime journey all around Africa.

Judith Peter Siware, the youngest female director in the tourism industry. With unwavering dedication, she strives to deliver top-quality service, aiming to captivate clients with the beauty of Tanzania and Africa as a whole. Judith is not only a director but also an avid traveler and a kind-hearted soul, you will be amazed by her knowledge about all destinations and attractions provided by the Kojuu Safaris.

She is born in Arusha in 1994, in a small village called Moshono. A Maasai girl from a small city had a big dream of opening her own tour company and also start a foundation but back then she didn’t know how.

She is last born among 5 girls. Her Mother is Chagga from Kilimanjaro region who works as a primary school teacher while her father is a Maasai from Arusha, used to work at General Tyre as a supervisor before closed.

Despite facing challenges, Judith persevered through her education and obtained her first degree. She attended public schools from primary to university level. Throughout her studies, her primary motivation was to bring pride to her mother and avoid disappointing her after the hardships they endured together.

During her time at the University of Dar es Salaam, Judith was already immersed in the tourism industry. She worked as a tour consultant for one of the top-rated companies in Dar es Salaam. Her employment there served not only to sustain herself but also to provide for her family. As she delved deeper into her role, Judith developed a profound love for her job. She made a silent vow to herself that if the opportunity arose, she would eagerly pursue a continued career within the tourism sector.

After graduating on November 25th, 2015, Judith was eager to pursue further studies. However, due to family issues, she found herself unable to continue her education. Determined to support her family, she made the decision to return home to Arusha. Her goal was to find employment in a tour company in her hometown, allowing her to be closer to her family while contributing to their well-being.

Luck was on Judith’s side in mid-January 2016 when she landed a position with another top tour operator company, which happened to be ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor at the time. Over the next few months, she underwent training, during which her punctuality and humility impressed her boss. Furthermore, her exceptional service left a lasting impression on clients, many of whom praised her and expressed a desire to meet her upon arriving in Arusha.

But wait, there’s more! Later on, Judith recognized the importance of joining a tourism course to enhance her knowledge of hospitality. Over time, she diligently acquired more knowledge and hands-on experience. She numerous of farms tours to learn about animals and other relevant aspects. Her unwavering goal was constant learning and growth, with the aspiration of becoming an expert in her field. After 13 years of dedicated work as a tour consultant, she achieved just that.

Later on, She Met Mr. Obey Assery Nkya who has the same passion as she is and together, they decided to open a tours company named Kojuu safaris Africa with two goals in mind.  First, is to overdeliver unparallel services and unique packages to make clients fall in love with Tanzania and Africa in general and also to help orphan children by opening a foundation that support all these children to get a good education, food and shelter.

Therefore, if you book safari with Kojuu safaris you are not only going to enjoy this a lifetime experience but also you are helping the future generation. As we speak Judith has 5 children under her and her mom’s care, they help them with school fees, food and shelter and as she goes, she continues to adopt more children, her goal is to become a mother of hundreds. Thus, booking safari with Kojuu Safaris so together we can archive this main goal.

“Thinking about safari?”

-We Can take you there.

We take you to the world’s most wondrous places. Kojuu Safaris makes it easy to open the door when the adventure is knocking. It is just you, your camera, and nature at its best. We will build the best vacation possible for you and your loved one. That includes everything from the first day you touch that button and send us an inquiry to the last day you return home.

Kojuu Safaris Africa’s exclusive quality and value guarantee gives our travelers the confidence to make plans, knowing we will meet the lofty expectations we set and that the prices we charge reflect the exceptional quality of the experience we provide. We promise to do everything we can to make your safaris with us will be a Trip of a lifetime!

The standards we set at Kojuu Safaris Africa are extremely high. We are confident that we will meet those expectations; of course, we cannot control natural circumstances such as weather and wildlife movements, and they do sometimes vary from expected patterns, for instance, “The great migration,” but we will advise you when and at what time is good for traveling as we have many years of experience and the best journey Designer with years of experience. And when it comes to inclusions such as activities, Vehicles, and accommodation we have arranged for you, we will deliver or compensate you — if anything goes wrong.

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We handle every aspect, providing 24/7 support and local expertise in the appropriate time zone until you safely return home.

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